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Comment from Dirk Koopman
Just noticed some pictures of boards which are titled ICT 1301/1961. Not sure that these can be that old as they don't have wirewrapping posts but seem to slot into sockets. 99.8% of 1301 boards are wire wrapped boards, IIRC 25 boards to a rack with (IIRC) 10 racks to a "door". There are some exceptions, but I don't believe that that are any socketed boards in a 1301.
http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/Andrew_wylie/wirewrap.htm is what most boards looked like.
Dirk Koopman (ex Galdor and "Flossie", now living at http://ict1301.co.uk/13012006.htm)

Comment from Roger Holmes
In the section on 1960-65 computers, picture 32 is catalogued as an ICT 1300 series card. In the copper tracking layer is the words 'Systemation Ltd'. I Googled for Systemation Ltd and find that they were the manufacturers of early 'Molecular' computers. After the inevitable merger, they became part of BCL (Business Computers Ltd).

My source is: http://www.ps8computing.co.uk/BCL/mfaq.htm . Maybe they could identify the cards for you.
What I can say for sure is that your pictures are not of 1300 series cards.
I am very familiar with 1300 boards as I am restoring my 1301 and it is the only working 1301 in the world. I also have bits of a 1300 and a 1302 and again nothing like your PCBs. I have the half inch Ampex TM4 decks on my machines and have not seen either the one inch nor the quarter inch decks, but I know they were also made by Ampex and so would not have a British company name on them (other than ICT, BTM or GEC. GEC telephones Coventry built the processors for BTM before all merging together with some other computer pioneers to become ICT which further merged to become ICL within a decade)
Best regards, Roger Holmes

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