Eric's computer museum
This is a photographic record of some of the items collected by Eric Foxley mostly during the years 1960 - 1975, assembled with generous help from others. The collection includes computer hardware components, leaflets, reports, books, newspaper cuttings, slides and photographs. The items have been donated to the National Computer Museum at Bletchley Park and can be seen there if required.
A millimetre rule is included in the photographs where appropriate.
This is NOT in any sense trying to be a history of computing, just a summary of the parts encountered by Eric Foxley. More general information concerning the historical development of computing at Nottingham is included here and there.
The present site represents my first attempt at documenting my museum. There is much new material which is yet to be added to the web site, and existing material could be improved. Suggestions, additions and correction of information is always welcome by email to Eric
All these items have now been given to the National Computer Museum at Bletchley Park.

Assorted books and reports from the early years

30 pages

Computers from before 1965

40 pages

Early computing-related items

52 pages

Computers up to about 1960

27 pages

Computers from 1960 to 1965

47 pages

Computers with Nottingham connections

35 pages

Assorted small portable computers

22 pages

DEC PDP/8 and PDP/11 computers

33 pages

Assorted peripherals

30 pages
CCC South Building
14 pages

The IBM 370 series

13 pages

KDF9 and 1900 photos

17 pages

12 (360) pages
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