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All our photographs (well, some of)

We have scanned in many of our old family black-and-white photos, as well as adding photos from our early days together (mostly from colour slides) and more recent digital images. We have approaching 100,000 images. Of theses a selection of about 30,000 of the best are on this website.

All the photos are stored on the family computer, the oldest being of Eric's great grandfather John Foxley taken when he was 21 iin 1861. He probably had to sit still for a while for the photo to be taken.

Here's an index to all of our photos on the website.

Oldest Newest
Assorted photos of ancestors here .    
Photos that don't fit the later categories. Oldest (1900s) photos are here. Start from here for most recent, it has links to earlier images.
Oldest walking photos here. Recent walking photos here.
Oldest cycling photos here. Recent cycling photos here.
Oldest ceramics photos here. Recent ceramics photos here.
Older holiday photos here. Recent holiday photos here.


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