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Our songs

Joy's songs

Joy sings many songs, mostly traditional British and some more modern composed. She usually accompanies herself on the autoharp, but some songs are unaccompanied and some accompanied by Eric on a gentle accordion register or ASchrammel guitar or ...

Eric sings a few of the more manly songs! But a sore throat means that I prefer playing!

There are many song words and some audio files on the websites of the King Billy Sessions Website (our monthly pub session) and of Young Folk Website (a club we used to run for children).

Video files

In the days of the Covid lock-down we videoed Joy singing various songs for the Beeston Second Time Around Folk Club Website. These were then used for an on-line video perfrmance replacing club meetings. All of them together with ones of Eric playing tunes are on the YouTube channel named "Eric Foxley" Website.

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