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Multiple Slides
    Here are some examples of multiple slides. Each item consists of several slides, which were intended to be faded in in turn.
Cockington 3 Views of a village near Torquay
Torquay Harbour 3 Tinted photographs
Princess Gardens, Torquay 6 Slides dated 1894
Fire in London 3 Hand painted. A fire in London. Notice the fire engines! An extra slide should provide moving smoke and flames.
A Japanese room 2 Hand painted
Loch Lomond 2 A steamer on Loch Lomond, Scotland. Two different hand-tinted versions of the same photograph
Paddle Steamer Empress, 1888 - 1933, Built by Napier, Shanks & Bell and engined by D Rowan
Simple diagonal engine. 2 cylinders. Length 165 ft Breadth 20.1 ft Gross tonnage 229.
Information from the Maid of the Loch Preservation Society
The Taj Mahal 2 Tinted photographs
The Matterhorn 4 Based on a single photo
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