Young Folk The words of some of our songs
1 Ali Bali  
2 All For Me Grog    
3 Angel Band    
4 Billy Bones and his Dancing Cat    
5 Bobby Shafto  
6 Bold Fisherman    
7 Bonnie Lass Of Fyvie    
8 Children Go Where I Send Thee    
9 Cockles And Mussels    
10 Dance To Your Daddy    
11 Derby Ram    
12 Football Crazy    
13 Fox Went Out  
14 Froggie Courting (Leslie Haworth)    
15 Froggie Courting    
16 Froggie Went A Courting    
17 Geordie Hinnie    
18 Geordie's Penker    
19 Go Tell It On The Mountain    
20 Herrings Head  
21 Ho Ri Ho Ro  
22 Holly And Ivy    
23 I like a cookie    
24 January February  
25 Jenny Puppet  
26 Leaving Of Liverpool    
27 Little Bird  
28 Little Young Lambs  
29 Long Time Boy    
30 Mister Rabbit    
31 New Year Carol    
32 Paddy Works On The Railway  
33 Polar Bear    
34 Prickle Holly Bush    
35 Riddle Song  
36 Rothsay-o    
37 Sinner Man    
39 Speed Bonnie Boat    
40 The Magic Song  
41 There Were Three Sailors    
42 Three Craws    
43 Three Little Pigs    
44 To Stop The Train  
45 Tree in the Wood
46 Twa Heids Are Better Then Yin    
47 Water Is Wide    
48 When I First  
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48 songs
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